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New theory regarding Art that ties him to Hajime


So I came up with a theory that ties up Hajime and Art together and explains why Hajime is called the key to the story in the ED spoilers. The basic summary is this: Art and Hajime were both experimented on by Facultas and gained their healing from that, both ‘forgot’ it but Art’s memories were triggered with his death. Below I’ll explain how I came to think this up:

First some important stuff on Hajime: I think she was experimented on by Facultas, she was not there as a student, but kept separate as a test subject. more indepth explanation about this here

So, what does this have to do with art?

-in flashbacks, we see that any student getting bad grades even on physical exams was kicked out of Facultas. We then have a flashback of Art also failing his physical exams. Now, i always assumed he had just gotten his shit together and improved a lot before the scientists could kick him out

But what if thats not why? What if they let his stay because they were experimenting on him too?

ED spoilers mention that hajime has a “body that does not die”, and for Art they say “no effect in the case of instant death” so both have extreme healing abilities…what if these abilities were received through experiments?

Then Art, due to the trauma of it all or forced to by the scientists, forgot what happened to him…until he died. At which point he remembered the dark part of his life and it was bad enough that it fucked his personality and views on Minimum Holders.

And why does Hajime has an overall amnesia and Art doesnt? Well, first of all accoridng to the manga she seems to be at least aware that she was in Facultas before (not that i trust the manga much, but lets act like this is true for now), if she remembers not much outside that, it could be that a) as a lab rat she had no life to remember outside the experiments or b)between her minimum and her status as a test subject not a student (like Art) the experiments were stronger or reacted strongly to her minimum so the amnesia side effect was more pronounced

Now consider this: if Art’s change is connected to the thing that Hajime suffered before…no wonder she will have a bigger role now, no wonder how she met Nice is now important enough to appear in the OP and no wonder she is the key to the story.

Personally, I still prefer to think that Art is being possessed, brainwashed or faking his evilness, but its fun to cover all my bases by thinking up more theories ^^


Anonymous: I'm the previous anon, art blogs are a-okay too thank you


hamatora art blogs that I remember right now (anon, make sure to check any notes on this post in case someone added someone i forgot):

roirence, iron-dude, snstrrr, rainbownie, loserkir, naitenaitenaitenaite, shsldiggy, tropicalmandiblesattack, semiargus

These are the ones i can remember. The first ones post more art, though the list isnt exactly in order.

If someone else wants to add one i forgot, please do so!

Hope this helped more ^^


so I was listening to Daughter – Love (Synkro Edit) and my hand just slipped (´ω`★) this song gives me so much fuwa-fuwa feelings ~~~



is this the group that did the background dancing in splash free



Tried to go for messier and thinner lines. I think it looks more like a manga now XD.


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